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Nearly all of my favorites went to every specific folders...


The Gatekeeper by Kurosaki-Sasori-chan

Okay, here goes! My first critique, so please forgive me if I make mistakes! The composition is nicely done, very symmetrical. I also l...

FREE! Season 2 Confirmed! 

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2 deviants said But still, Free! 2nd Season... dsjfhsdkjgh
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No deviants said wait, wtf- "first and LAST of our eternal summer?"


ElenaMegan's Profile Picture

Artist | Student | Digital Art
An overactive imaginative writer/artist who wished for one of her works to be published/on-screen.


What is your preferred art of style?
Anything, actually! I'm very open to most art, but I actually liked manga style... or something in-between Neo Gothic Surrealism and painterly style.

What do you like to draw?
Girls with short hair, girls with tied-up hair, cool beauties, bishounens, shotas - LOLS. Okay, I actually draw a lot but the first two are my favorites.

What is your preferred medium?
I like watercolor and copic as my traditional medium because they produced so much smoothness and color variation. However, digital media became one of my most used medium because you can vary the brush from anything and you can save more paper!

What is your preferred art program?
Photoshop and SAI. My beloved programs back in 2009.


Personal Quote: I draw for self-expression, fun and freedom


MY OLD ACCOUNT: :iconlacasadreams:


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Let's answer some questions! 8D

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 25, 2014, 4:02 AM

My subscription for dA is going to expire soon... and I like how much the premium account does, even if I have to pay for the pre-paid subscription... :iconsulkplz: 

On the other hand, I'll just forget about that and answer some questions! I've been tagged by :iconslyboyseth:, so the least thing I should do is to answer questions! 8D

1. Who is your favorite Disney villain and why?

Favorite Disney Villain? Let see... I've always been a fan of cool and competent types of characters, and my taste always changes. First, it would be Hades. then Mozenrath, then Scar and Shere Khan, but nothing will definitely beat Maleficent! She had this charming, cool and composed aura, you know? And she's by far the most vilest of all! I dunno, but she is sort "cool" in my book. XD

2. What's your favorite song from your favorite band?

My favorite songs always changes. Currently, I'm listening to "Strange Days" from The Death March band. It's Takeharu Ishimoto's (TWEWY's musician) newest band! Go check them out! :)

3. If you got a crossover shipping, what is it?

Crossover shipping... it would be TerraXCinderella from Kingdom Hearts BBS! Seriously, Cinderella. You only met the prince with a bland personality while Terra is so damn gorgeous, strong and is actually a gentleman! And the pairing seems to make sense! But I'm also still shipping Terra with Aqua. XD

4. Did you know there's a place called Brony in Poland? 

5. Does it ever take you long to come up with questions at the end of tagging journals like these?

Hmmm... kind of. But I usually asked random questions, actually. 

6. Anyone else a fan of Shantae?

No, I'm sorry. 

7. Ever acted?

When I was a kid, I did get into several plays... not as the main character though. But in these days, I didn't pursue acting anymore. The only acting that I'm interested in is voice acting! 

8. If so, what was the part you remember playing at the top of your head?

One of the most memorable part is when I play as the antagonist on "Bawang Merah and Bawang Putih" play at first grade. I played as Bawang Putih's step-mother, and I had to get myself in the act the same as evil soap operas step-mothers do. It was fantastic really, but I would like to try for another part. The other one is when I was casted as an octopus. It was embarrassing. XP

9. Got a favorite love song? song? (Could not identify one, OTL. )

10. Anybody want more stories with villain protagonists?

I would one, if they are written correctly! Light Yagami is certainly an interesting case, though. I was thinking of making several characters with hilarious villainous traits that can be enjoyable and sympathize with! :)

Ah, I won't tag anyone after this, so you guys can relax! :)

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  • Reading: Orenchi no Furo Jijou
  • Eating: Egg sandwhich



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